The Sales Underdog

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by Jennifer Martin Maloy

I am not an expert.  With close to 20 years working in sales and sales management roles, I am still learning every single day.  I would say that no one is a true expert in the art and practice of selling.  Some are very good and others are really lucky, and there are a few that are extremely impressive in every situation. 
The vast majority of us are the true “underdogs” of the profession.  We have to be scrappy, resilient, and always persistent to achieve results.  We work tirelessly to make measurable goals on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual basis that other professions could not begin to fathom.  If we do not make those goals in the timeframe that our employers deem achievable, we are usually on to the next opportunity.  Unlike other professions, those of us in sales are actually hyper aware of our value to an organization, and have made peace with the fact that we may be “short timers” on occasion. 
As sales professionals we are all “coin operated” so to speak, and we all would rather be the leader of the pack (or stack).  Every day is challenging, and we get to introduce amazing products and services to the buying community, but we are only fully compensated when our efforts produce results.  The profession itself is highly visible, and the outcome can be feast or famine…And we love it!
The purpose of this blog is to draw upon the expertise of sales leaders that I truly respect based on their careers and successes as driven professionals.  The goal is to have guest contributors and provide a forum to help those "sales underdogs" to become consistent performers and learn to love the art of this ever changing profession even more.
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